Richard T. Clarke - Inner Fitness® Thoughts...

Since we are dedicated to respecting the "individual" and following Plato's idea of remembering (the honoring of the Soul's Journey") the essence of Inner Fitness® philosophy and practices is to trust the individual to find his or her own path and to use the practices as a way to do so.

This is reflected in the TRANSFORMATIONAL CYCLE OR HEALING CYCLE or what ever we want to call it. It serves as a map for personal self discovery. It is a guideline for the effective use of personal inner fitness practices and the turning from destructive (fear based) patterns to constructive (creative based) expression of potential.

Inner Fitness® is moving from motivation in fear of limitation or loss to a life of inspiration by authenticity and trust in one's greater potential.

Seeking to live based on principles of Truthfulness, Trustworthiness, Sincerity, and Integrity, we can

  • Discover how to make these truths work for ourselves and for all.
  • Discover how to learn our own real truths,
  • Discover by how to use our senses (hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and feeling ) how to experience and remember what we really know.
  • Discover how to let ourselves love and care not only for others and the total environment around us but also for ourselves.

Practices that support us to be fit within support us to become a model of the intelligence that exists in the nucleus of all things so that information becomes wisdom and much learning becomes humility.

"And if it is true that we acquired our knowledge before our birth, and lost it at the moment of birth, but afterward, by the exercise of our senses upon sensible objects recover the knowledge which we had once before, I suppose that what we call learning will be the recovery of our own knowledge."
--Quote from Plato in Phaedo

Integrity is displayed in the ethics of behaviour.