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"Pacific Coast"



"Thank you for all that you do with helping me find, and keep, the real me." ~P.T.







"I feel as if I can conquer the world. Thank you for helping me help myself." ~S.P.








"Thank you for the amazing impact you have had on our lives. We look forward to growing more under your guidance." ~L.B.















"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your extraordinary contribution to the Mastery Task Team. I always come away from the meetings more committed and proud to be a part of our working is an inspiration to watch you work!" ~S.H., Mastery Task Team, By Referral Only, Inc.

Programs and Services

Inner Fitness® offers a variety of personal retreats, executive weekends and educational programs on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Designed to focus on specific goals for a concentrated period, the glorious physical location provides a perfect backdrop for introspection and emotional exploration. Programs for individuals, couples, groups and work teams are planned to fit the specific and unique needs of clients.

Retreats are available throughout the year, subject to availability.

Personal Retreats | Executive Weekends | Seminars & Workshops | Consulting Services

Personal Retreat Programs
Sechelt, Sunshine Coast

Two-day transformational retreats for individuals and three-day transformational retreats for couples spent privately with Richard Clarke.

These personalized programs, designed in consultation with you, will help you to meet your personal aspirations for a more fulfilling life. It is our commitment to help you grow free from historical patterning, strengthen new attitudes and behazviours, improve your interpersonal skills, increase levels of energy and peace of mind, thereby recognizing your greatest potential to live authentically.

Executive Weekends

Our Executive Retreat Weekends follow a similar framework to that of our Personal Retreats, with the program extended to three days to allow an opportunity for rest and revitalization. Each weekend is tailored to address the individual goals of participants.

Seminars and Workshops

Inner Fitness® seminars and workshops are offered at a variety of times and locations throughout BC.

These programs offer a creative blending of Inner Fitness® principles and methods while also exploring conventional personal development topics, human relations skills as well as esoteric and spiritual interests.

Several program options are available:

One evening programs

Held over the course of one evening, these powerful three-hour sessions focus on specific aspects of Inner Fitness® education and are held in various BC communities.


Full day/weekend workshops

Full day and weekend workshops with focus content tailored for each group, topics may include:

· The Inner Fitness® Way
· Movie of the Mind - Personal Goal-Setting
· Forgiveness and Letting Go
· Co-Creative Relationships
· Time to Heal
· Secrets of Serenity
· Self Esteem
· Trust: Being Personally Real
· Practices for Healthy Living
· Healthy Communications
· Inner Myth: Creating Balance in Your Life

Consulting Services

Supporting leaders and workers alike towards a balanced, integrated life with attitudes that help others to do the same is the goal of Inner Fitness® Consulting Services.

We believe that healthy individuals working together in healthy effective ways maximizes the potential for success and creativity. We seek to inspire personal wellness, effective interpersonal skills and successful working relationships.

Richard is available on a consultant basis to businesses, corporations, governments and non-profit community organizations. In addition to Richard's expertise, a selected group of professionals, skilled in the areas of education, health and human relations, are also available to work with us.

Programs for working teams, executives, management and employees are available for groups and individuals, or combinations of both. We design unique Inner Fitness® programs to combine individual education in handling personal stress along with team building, communication and human relations training. We also encourage individuals to develop a personal commitment to the principles and skills of self-renewal in their lives.