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"I have a rather simple faith. I know that all things are One." ~Richard T. Clarke









Richard T. Clarke

Richard is an exceptional counselor, well respected in the community and in his field. He has helped thousands of people through life and relationship transitions to achieve significant personal growth.

With more than 35 years of extensive experience, Richard is well known for his insightful approach in counseling individuals and couples through life and relationship transitions. He is also a respected seminar leader and has facilitated hundreds of workshops focusing on life skills, self-hypnosis and growth through change.

A graduate of Goddard College in Vermont, Canadian-born Richard established his own private counseling firm in 1975. In earlier years, Richard was an instructor for the Vancouver Mind Institute, the Director of Counseling for a Family-Life Centre, the Director of Training in the Centre for Human Potential and an Executive Director of Scouts Canada.

Richard is presently a member of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology and is affiliated with the Spiritual Emergence Network.