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"You are always with me and perhaps that is because I listen to your tapes each day. I wonder how many lives you have touched and improved with your wonderful ways! I cherish you both!" ~D.B.


Inner Fitness® Guided Meditation CDs

These CDs offer exciting inner exercise programs that awaken your natural desire to grow and change. Each exercise guides you in an adventure of self-discovery that releases negative resistance and reinforces positive, healthy attitudes.

Each CD contains two separate visualizations, Richard guiding the first track and Carolyn Clarke guiding the identical visualization on track two. As longtime counselors, they bring their own individual style to the content: warm and sensitive, bold and caring. You may choose the voice and style that you most relate to by setting your player to the chosen track. Each visualization exercise is approximately 30 minutes long, each CD approximately 60 minutes in total.

Cost: $18.95 US per CD plus shipping and handling.



Relaxation | Movie of the Mind | Personal Healing | Inner Fitness® Sounds | Forgiveness | Self-Image |
Creative Self Change

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Relaxation_Track2(40 secs)


There will always be stress in our lives, but how we choose to deal with it is up to us!

The ability to relax and to sleep well is fundamental to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Do you make enough time and energy in your day to care for yourself? With consistent daily use of this relaxation guided meditation, you will feel calmer, sleep better and experience positive benefits in your daily life.

Movie of the Mind

Each of us possesses the power to clearly align our focus of attention and passion to create that which we desire in life. This guided Movie of the Mind meditation is designed to help you bring your goals into reality. Carefully supporting you to release any doubts and negative blocking attitudes, you are guided in a special way to align your creative energy to achieve your chosen goal. This is a powerful visualization that can be used to focus on health, social, career, financial, artistic or athletic achievement. This meditation requires special preparations, listed in the CD insert guidelines.

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PersonalHealing_track1 (30 secs)

Personal Healing

You have the ability to effectively participate in your own physical, emotional and spiritual healing. In this guided Personal Healing meditation, your breath becomes a pathway to extend healing attention by cleansing and loving every part of your physical self. Attitudinal strength is affirmed and aligned to enhance your immune system and natural healing abilities. This meditation is also an ideal support to your treatment by standard medical or other healing professionals.

Inner Fitness® Sounds

Sound can create a sacred space. Nurture a deepened awareness through contemplation or meditation with this Inner Fitness® Sound CD. Consisting of a special blend of "white sound," gentle music and a comforting, gradually slowing heartbeat, it will help to filter out distractions and encourage heightened levels of perception and creativity. Give your body and mind the good rest it deserves. The Inner Fitness® Sound is an ideal background sound to practice visualization, self-hypnosis, or meditation.

Note - there is no guided exercise on this CD, it is simply a powerful background sound to use with your own contemplative practices. If you already meditate, use your own practices, but if you're just starting out and want to learn a simple self-guided one, we offer you the "Inner Fitness® Self-Renewal Meditation" in the CD insert.


Forgiveness is fundamental to healing and spiritual wellbeing. It is painful to hold oneself or another person angrily or resentfully out of your heart. This guided Forgiveness meditation will support the process of inner healing of unresolved or incomplete specific relationships that have interrupted your wellbeing. This meditation is intended to help bring personal completion, to heal unfinished feelings and open you to freedom and compassion.

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SeftImage_Track4 (20 secs)

Self Image

Release, forgive and cleanse negativity, fears, self guilt, doubts, judgments, limitations and self deceptions that keep you from your highest expression of self. This guided Self Image meditation will support you to restore a deeper confidence and to know yourself as the intelligent, creative, joyful and loving person you really are! Aligned with healthy physical, emotional and mental attitudes, you will increase your self-acceptance, laughter and happiness and give expression to a greater sense of self.

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SelfChange_Track3 (40 secs)

Creative Self Change

Past experiences, old thoughts and stored feelings support patterns of behaviour that limit life choices. This meditation for Creative Self Change guides you to gently release negative history and blocked emotions of the past, to heal yourself and naturally tap the rich well of your creativity within. Learn empowering, positive attitudes that will support you in your potential to be the best you can be, and do the best you can do.

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