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"Mou"Mountain Reflection"

"Our task is to understand the choices and the calling of this opportunity, as it is part of the purpose of our journey"

~ Richard T. Clarke ~







"Choice is the evaluation of yourself."

~ Richard T. Clarke ~












"When you choose, you no longer have the pleasure/indulgence of being a victim."

~ Richard T. Clarke ~


About Inner Fitness®

What is Inner Fitness? | Our Philosophy |
Our Approach

What is Inner Fitness®?

We all have the potential to be our personal best. When someone ventures down the road of introspection and emotional catharsis, there lies a remarkable, untapped opportunity to integrate new ways of being into one's life, and to discover a person who is more joyful and more fulfilled.

Inner FitInner Fitness® is an educational approach designed to facilitate personal authenticity and healing. Its programs encourage the development of skills and practices that support continued growth, individual well-being and healthy relationships.

Drawing upon classical and contemporary psychologies blended with innovative self-empowering techniques, Inner Fitness® embraces the work of Richard Clarke, who provide his unique counsel and transformational tools to individuals, couples and groups. Richard has served British Columbia with offices in Vancouver as a counsellor, and as a seminar/workshop leader and consultant throughout Canada and the United States since 1974

Inner Fitness® programs offer powerful tools to help individuals attain - and enjoy -- all that their hearts, minds and spirits desire: happiness, freedom, love, power, serenity and abundance.

This is Inner Fitness®.r>

Our Our Philosophy

"Each one of us has the capacity and the right to live a happy, fully expressed life. As we examine the patterns of limitations within and discover new ways to release them, we are drawn naturally to become the energetic, creative, powerful beings that we are truly meant to be." ~ Richard T. Clarke ~

Inner Fitness® is about discovering you.

Our programs and tools offer a chance to explore what your mind, heart, body, and spirit can do and, ultimately, be. We hold a high respect for the individual and for your implicit right to choose your own path of living, learning and loving.

This philosophy motivates all that we do. Our goal is for our clients to challenge themselves to step out of their old ways and move forward into their authentic Selves: expressive, fulfilled and ready for a new life adventure.

Our Approach

At Inner Fitness®, we believe that our tools must be applied, not just read or studied. Time has shown us that understanding alone has little impact on the quality of one's daily life, while actual experiences can work miracles.

Though our programs are based on a practical, sound approach, we also believe in the essence of life and integrate spiritual considerations into our work. That which we share with others is first what we practice for ourselves.

We also encourage "homework." In addition to the processes that are guided in the sessions, we have found that exploring ideas and working with special techniques beyond our borders is helpful to clients in their quest to integrate new patterns and behaviors into their everyday lives.

Our goal: to work in a spirit of discerning adventure, exploring that which is of value to you, and to uncover ways to help you creatively integrate this newfound awareness into your life.