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"Window Through Time"







"You have so gently worked your way into our hearts and supported us immeasurably on our continuing journey! With much love and respect, we thank you for your help."

~ N.R.~






"Thank you for what you have done to help our family. At nights "before", I used to hear screaming and cursing, but now I hear loving and caring. I know that my parents couldn't have done it without you guys."

~ K.J. (12 yrs. old) ~






"Richard's healing methods of superior skill, wisdom and trusted intuition helped me move from confusion and despair to release and freedom in the most loving and professional manner."

~ J.S.~


At Inner FitnessŪ, we view counselling as an educational process rather than therapy, a creative course of self-discovery that blends new and old wisdoms.

Counselling is a highly individual endeavour. We recognize the essential transpersonal or spiritual nature of each human being and place a high value on intuition, creative insight and inspiration. We also focus on the development of conscious choice, which fosters personal empowerment and a greater capacity to make and implement life-enhancing behaviours.

The Inner FitnessŪ approach to counseling is underscored by a philosophy of acceptance that includes, rather than judges or negates, a client's patterns of behaviour. We combine our own principles and innovative self-help techniques with relevant classical and contemporary psychologies to offer a supportive process that responds to a client's unique needs.


Counselling for Those in Transition

"Refreshing Dusk"

Life is full of transitions. The challenge for the evolving individual stems from the process of letting go of the "old," the person he/she used to be, to allow time and space to discover and embrace who he/she wishes to become.

Our counsel seeks to inspire an inner re-alignment as well as renewed energy for this new beginning.

Counselling for Relationships

"Love's Spell"

An honest appraisal of our relationships provides us with some of the best material we have to help us move forward. Genuine relationships call for personal authenticity as well as a willingness to be open, vulnerable and forgiving.

Individuals and couples who wish to enhance their intimacy and their ability to dive into the joyful well of co-creative possibilities find support in a series of specially designed, private counseling sessions.

Counselling to Change Old Patterns

"Fountain Fun"

There is an important distinction between simply coping or managing personal challenges versus changing the underlying personal patterns that cause excessive stress.

Creative self-change is the goal behind these individual counseling sessions. Designed to reframe the underlying patterns that encourage self-defeating behaviour, the end result is a release of new, inspired expression.